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    Electromagnetic flowmeter, the company has been committed to the industrial instrumentation R & D and production, using the German advanced production technology to make up for domestic instrument in the production process, key parts and components imported products completely by substitution, ensuring product sustainable utility and the measurement accuracy. In recent years, my company production of magnetostrictive liquid level meter of boiler drum level gauge,, electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, magnetic flap level meter, and so on more than 10varieties of products have been applied to sewage treatment, thermal power, steel, petroleum, Sinopec Shengli Oilfield, in various provinces and cities, bureau of Wu of water of related industries, and the terminal users of the trust and praise, my company has been adhering to the "excellent quality, worry-free customer service. Principle of. We are willing to work with you to join hands in creating a better future!

My company's main products are: magnetostrictive liquid level meter of boiler drum level gauge,, magnetic flap level meter, TOP-101 type electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, split intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter powered by battery, radar level gauge, ultrasonic level gauge, a floating ball. Level meter, capacitance level meter, vortex flowmeter, pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, thermal resistance, thermocouple, and other products.

                                Beijing will reach Top Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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